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DrillComm/Sound and Cellular has your remote communications solution!

Reliable Satellite Communication Service

The DrillComm Network offers a variety of integrated options for your remote site needs. Our all inclusive systems provide Intercom, Internet, Class 1 Div 2 Radios, Video Surveillance, and much more! With our 24 hour network and field support, DrillComm/Sound and Cellular has your solution!

(LSAT) Auto-acquire Satellite Systems

Telephone and internet access within minutes of connection to a power source! Easy to move from one location to another without the need for a technician to point the dish! Custom configurations available including generator, security cameras, and long range phone systems!


Available for Camp and Rig side. Voice Data Router(VDR) Delivers voice and data services inside the housing or offices: VOIP (outside line), telephone, paging, and internet. System can be integrated to existing networks or telephone service to simplify end user experience. *Telephone Features Include:

  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • Fax
  • Call forwarding
  • E-911
  • Call waiting

Cellular Signal Boosters

Cellular signal amplification for large area/rig sites to building and vehicles. Cellular Signal Boosters will provide cellular signal where services would otherwise be extremely limited.

Wireless Security Cameras

Temporary Surveillance Solution- Redundant Video Storage with Video viewable on NVR, Computer, or Mobile Device.

Two-Way Radios

Class 1 Div 2, Long Range, Handheld/Speaker Mic, Rugged Two-Way Radios.

Alert System

Onsite Class 1 Div 2 paging system. When an emergency arises, be it weather, a blow out, or a fire let everyone on location know with the push of a button.

Communications on Wheels (COW)

Pictured in BLM “Shale Green”, this “Swiss Army Knife” of Mobile Tower Trailers solves many issues where Conventional Towers, Utilities and Property are unavailable or impractical.

  • Terrestrial Backhaul and Relay
  • Sector AP’s with Point to Multipoint CPE Access
  • Security and Environmental Monitoring
  • Easy Transport and Deployment
  • Solar Power w/ Monitoring and Notification
  • Customizable and Versatile


Includes Local Channels (for the service area), the major new and outlet channels with East or West coast viewing times (Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc.), a large selection of HD channels(when available from DirecTV) the major move channels (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, Encore, etc.), and the "NBA Package". Additional channels can be provided upon request but scheduled events cannot be offered through this service.

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